Love, Christmas: Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book #2) Anthology by Mimi Barbour, Leanne Banks, Joan Reeves, Mona Risk, Rebecca York, Jacquie Biggar, Alicia Street, Nancy Radke, Katy Walters, Stephanie Queen, Aileen Fish, Rachelle Ayala, Dani Haviland, Traci E. Hall, Taylor Lee, Donna Fasano, Cynthia Cooke, Susan Jean Ricci, Tamara Ferguson, Suzanne Jenkins, Natalie Ann, Ev Bishop, Alyssa Bailey, Stacy Eaton, Jen Talty, Melinda De Ross – Review by Angela Hayes

Love, Christmas - Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)Love, Christmas – Movies You Love by Mimi Barbour
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Love, Christmas: Movies You Love is a superb anthology made up of 26 wonderful stories from 26 very accomplished authors. This is a fabulous collection of Holiday Romances, all with a common theme which is “favourite Christmas movies”- and each author has chosen one of their favourite Christmas movies as inspiration for their story. The movies range from “The Holiday”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “A Christmas Carol”, The Polar Express”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”- just to name a few. Every story is unique to the author and different from its companions- all having their own tone, feel and flavour- but yet managing to complement one another by the use of the same inspiration.
The stories range from contemporary romance, to regency romance, second chances… and more. We meet a variety of wonderful characters who bring their story to life, characters such as; Doctor, Princess, Single Mother, Navy Seal, author, children, furry friends, magical beings, Angel, broken characters, and many more . This book collection took me on a journey that had a little bit of everything, from mystery, suspense, romance, humour, drama, emotions, deception, twists, surprises, heart, soul, snow, mistletoe, family, friends, memories, miracles, a touch of danger in places, new beginnings, painful pasts, sparks, sizzle, and many endearing characters.
I was excited to see several of my favourite authors had contributed to the collection- Mimi Barbour, Stephanie Queen, Tamara Ferguson, Melinda De Ross, and Natalie Ann and as expected they didn’t let me down, captivating me from beginning to end with their stories. Other authors who I am familiar with from reading some of their works in other Anthologies, but as yet haven’t had a chance to fully explore their books- but this has pushed me to make sure that I do so very soon. Then there are quite a few new-to-me authors who I will now be adding to my TBR to enjoy over he coming months.
So, be prepared to be swept away into all the various storylines and situations as each story unfolds. There are many hours of stimulating, heart-warming, and enticing reading to be had. So, strap yourself in and get ready for take-off.

The collection contains:


A Wonderful Life By: Mimi Barbour

A Royal White Christmas By: Leanne Banks

Brianna’s Season For Miracles By: Joan Reeves

Jingle With My Princess By: Mona Risk

Can She Get Home For Christmas By: Rebecca York

Mistletoe Inn By: Jacquie Biggar

A Miracle On Christmas Tree Street By: Alicia Street

The Holiday (Christmas) By: Nancy Radke

Love Letters From A Snowman Katy Walters

Holiday Affair By: Stephanie Queen

Almost Christmas in Connecticut By: Aileen Fish

A Christmas Creek Carol By: Rachelle Ayala

The Polar XPress By: Dani Haviland

Love Actually (By The Sea) By: Traci E. Hall

The Ref-er-ee By: Taylor Lee

Her Mr. Miracle By: Donna Fasano

A Christmas to Remember By: Cynthia Cooke

A Joyous Holiday Inn By: Susan Jean Ricci

Two Hearts Home for Christmas By: Tamara Ferguson

Christmas With the Clouds By: Suzanne Jenkins

How Gavin Stole Christmas By: Natalie Ann

A Sharla Brown Christmas By: Ev Bishop

In the Spirit of Christmas By: Alyssa Bailey

Finding Love on Christmas Vacation By: Stacy Eaton

A Christmas Getaway By: Jen Talty

Boyfriend Wanted for Christmas By: Melinda De Ross


This book is a perfect way to spend some of the holidays, curled up beside a fire place, or relaxing by the pool- there is something here to please everyone.

Thank you to all the contributing authors!



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