Must Remember: Dead or Alive, They Want her Back, Solum Series Book 1 by Colleen Myers – Review by Krystal Gregory

Must RememberMust Remember by Colleen S. Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Must Remember: Dead or Alive, They Want her Back. Book 1 in the Solum Series by Colleen Myers
4 out of 5 Stars
Elizabeth “Beta” Camden has lived through a nightmare and survived. In her new post-apocalyptic world, she has survived the claiming and destroying of her world from the E’mani, the creepy alien men from Space. She suffers their experiments and torments, and finally she escapes.
She doesn’t remember the details of why, but they want her back….badly and they will do anything to get her back. In her fear and pursuit of safety, she runs into the Fost, the enemy of the E’Mani, and hey, the enemy of her enemy is her friend….right? Beta struggles with the memories from her time of capture and knows that they hold the secret as to why the E’mani want her back so bad. As she tries to regain these memories she is drawn to the handsome Marin, a Fost who seems to have a similar attraction to Beta.
This book is not in my normal wheelhouse genre but I was oddly and pleasantly surprised with this book. The characters were well rounded and sharp. Easily relatable on a personal level and with dashes of humor thrown in. A good read for a rainy day.

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