An Agreement (Summer in New York, #3) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Jana Teppih

An Agreement (Summer in New York, #3)An Agreement by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An Agreement is the third book in Lindsay Marie Millers’ Summer in New York series. I have read the first two books in the series and also some other books by her so every time I come across another one of her books, I go for it! I love her way of telling the stories and it feels as if they get better and better with each new book I read.
An Agreement is the story of Bailey and Carter. I loved the sweet slow boiling romance where we did not have crazy ups and downs, not at least the way some of the writers like to send us through a wringer … I loved Baily, the sweet and likable Bailey who had her demons she had to fight … and Carter, who did not think he was good enough for Bailey and had his own baggage to deal with … I loved how they were working through their baggage and how they grew closer and closer and I kept keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending … it is always great to experience with the characters the light they reach after a long stay in the darkness …
I hope that the writer will keep sharing with us more stories of Summer in New York … she did introduce a number of great potential characters here…

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