Mouse Trapped (Satan’s Devils MC Series Book #9) by Manda Mellett – Review by Angela Hayes

Mouse Trapped: Satan's Devils MC #9Mouse Trapped: Satan’s Devils MC #9 by Manda Mellett
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Mouse Trapped is the ninth book in Satan’s Devils MC Series by Manda Mellett. This story centres on Mouse, a techie/supreme computer whiz- who has appeared in previous books. He’s always played a quiet, supporting character in the past- who we didn’t get to see too much of. He had intrigued me whenever he’d made an appearance, and I’ve wanted to know his story since the first time I met him. Mouse has Native American Indian heritage (half Navajo Indian) which makes him even more intriguing in my mind. I always felt that there was so much more to him than what we were being shown, and in this book, I discovered just how deep those waters flow…
This book could be read as a standalone, without feeling like you’re missing information, or storyline- but be prepared to develop a Manda Mellett addiction, one book may not be enough!
I loved following along on this story- as I have come to expect from Ms. Mellett, there was a lot more to this story than it first appears. Her stories are always unpredictable, with twists and surprising developments, and this one was no different- taking me on a ride I won’t soon forget! She had me reading with bated breath, devouring every page to discover what would happen next. There was action, drama, suspense, emotion, heat & sizzle, brotherhood, camaraderie, some humour, a great storyline, wonderful characters, and much more….
If you love a really well written, original, and riveting MC story- with complex, interesting and endearing characters- then this is definitely the book for you!
I can’t wait to see what she will do next?!

Thank you, Ms. Mellett!


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