Beachcomber Gone: Beachcomber Investigations Book 9: a Romantic Detective Series by Stephanie Queen – Review by Jenni Bishop

Beachcomber GoneBeachcomber Gone by Stephanie Queen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beachcomber Gone by Stephanie Queen, is another great story in this series that I love. Her writing skills and the amazing wonderful characters, Dane and Shana, and the situations they find themselves in, make for some interesting adventures. Stephanie draws you in with intrigue and mystery, seduction and love, high running emotions and some badass PI skills. It’s taken a while for these two to fully commit to one another, especially with Dane’s closed off heart, but as you come to expect from these two, nothing ever goes as planned and there is always a mystery to solve. However, the odds just got a little tougher when dealing with high up Police officials and the whole country is looking for you.

Stephanie Queen is always a must read.

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