Beachcomber Gone (Beachcomber Investigations Series #9) by Stephanie Queen – Review by Angela Shirley

Beachcomber GoneBeachcomber Gone by Stephanie Queen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beachcomber Gone by Stephanie Queen is the ninth instalment in the Beachcomber series and this series just keeps getting better. All the usual characters are here to create a wonderful world of intrigue, twists and turns with a dash of romance to finish it off.

Shana and Dane having been skirting back and forth with their emotions in the previous books and finally in this book they decide to take it to the next level but just when they thought the world had forgot about them, a trip to Australia opens old wounds and the two of them are back fight against old enemies.

This book is full of excitement, thrilling cliffhangers and twists and turn which you have come to appreciate from the writing of Stephanie Queen. I have always had a soft spot for Shana as a bad ass investigator who drives to seek the truth and the pair up with the quite but deadly Dane just adds the emotions in the book and books. Although this I feel can be read as a stand alone book I would not recommend it, you need to understand the dynamic between the two characters and how the other eight books have got us to this point.

As always the story flows through with you on the edge of your seat straight from the first chapter, the characters are well developed and the secondary characters just add to the whole feel of the book. As always this book was a pleasure to read and I really hope there is another book in this wonderful series and it never ends and that Dane and Shana will be in their eighties still fighting crime.

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