Reckless: A Steamy Contemporary Romance Anthology by Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart, P.M. Carson, Sharla Lovelace – Review by Jenni Bishop

Reckless - An AnthologyReckless – An Anthology by Mika Jolie
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Reckless – An Anthology by​ Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart, P.M. Carson, Sharla Lovelace is a compilation of for short romance stories. Each and every story is fresh and exciting and just as intriguing and enjoyable as the next. Each author captivates you with their version of longing and want for that one person that makes you whole. Strong and sassy women find love in the unlikely of places and strong, alpha sexy men who know how to heat up the sheets.

Layla’s Chance by Mika Jolie—Layla escapes her high powered world as a Lawyer, to regroup after her years of hard work have been for naught. What she finds is someone that turned her life upside down and shows her what she has been missing.

Dirty Martinis by P.M. Carson—Drew is smart and sexy and a workaholic and is a one and done man but when his world collides with the equally smart and sexy workaholic Rachel things turn explosive and the one thing neither of them ever wants is the one thing they both need. Dirty Martinis have never tasted sooooooo good.

Into The Deep by Kylie Stewart–Marriage is supposed to last forever, right? But hurt and burned Gemma and Grayson know better. Never giving their heart a chance to be hurt again. But one house may change all that and more.

The Spy Who Kissed Me by Sharla Lovelace-Being a partner in the lawyer firm is all she has ever wanted but we don’t always get what we want or do we? In the middle of a strange country Ava finds she is in danger and her life is very much on the line and no one knows where she is and one sexy stranger is trying to help.

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