Souls Collide: Collide Series Book 3 by Kristina Beck – Review by Liz Vrchota

Souls Collide (Collide Series #3)Souls Collide by Kristina Beck
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It is always a pleasure to fall in love with a new author’s work, especially one with the skills of Kristinia Beck. I was swallowed whole with this novel and I loved every moment of it. Souls Collide is the third book in the Collide Series, but I had no issues reading this as a standalone. I just now get the pleasure of going back and reading the other two books in the series. Especially since this is the final book in the series as well.

Alexa Kramer is living her life to the fullest. She has it all; the job, the best friends, a loving and supportive family, and she has the beauty and brains to boot. Kent Hayes, not so much. He lives his life day to day doing what is necessary and hiding his emotional pain. It is because of this that he is mean and off putting. Both of their worlds are about to change when they literally ‘collide’ with one another.

I could not get enough of this story. The emotions I felt were all over the place. One moment I could be on the verge of tears and the next I could be giggling. Beck really has a talent for balancing the emotions so that it doesn’t get to be too overwhelming. There is some topics of disease that gets brought in and this is dealt with in such a way. I thought it was a perfect handle of the situation. It made it that raw emotion without getting to be too much. The only negative I could come up for this book would be that it ended. So now I am off to grab the other two in the series. Thank you for the fantastic read Ms. Beck.

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