The Mother-in-Law by Judy Moore – Review by Michelle Austin

The Mother-in-LawThe Mother-in-Law by Judy Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Mother-in-Law was a thrilling and creepy 5 star read.

Victoria and Brad met in Las Vegas during training and end up with a quicky wedding. Brad takes Victoria home to Florida where she meets his mom and son, Andy. Lets just say his mother is quite interesting.

The home they have is right on the beach and is beautiful. Victoria is ready to move forward with her new family, but mother has other plans. And she finds out from Brad that mommie dearest owns the house they are all living in she is not happy. This could not be happening -Victoria

Things seem to go well for awhile than all heck breaks loose. Be prepared for some twists and turns and edge of your seat moments. I was floored at some of the things that happened.

I instantly disliked Brad’s mother, she was controlling and evil. I didn’t like how she treated Andy at all. Brad also pushed my buttons as well, it was like he just didn’t get what was happening at times and he needed a backbone when it came to his mother. The ending OMG, I didn’t see any of it coming. This is my first read from Judy Moore and I was pulled right in, I can’t wait to read more from her.

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