Cinderfella by Kristy Brown – Review by Emily Walsh

By: Kristy Brown
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cinderfella by Kristy Brown was a sweet, entertaining reverse fairytale retelling, that stole my heart.

I love fairytale retellings, and this one wasn’t only unique but it was fresh, modern, and had all the magic of the original. The only thing that I think would have made this story all the more amazing, an epilogue. Just a little something to us know, that their dreams came true.

I will say that this book is a little darker then your normal sugar sweet retelling, and I like that little bit of a twist. There was just something about them that made me root for them. I loved how is wasn’t just love at first sight, they connected, spent time together, and actually developed proper feelings for one another. The ball at the end was a nice nod, and I loved the entrance scene, I got chills!

Overall this book is a wonderful retelling that will play on that childhood nostalgia. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval that, you will fall head over heels for this fuzzy read.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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