The Werewolf Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 1) by Brandi Elledge – Review by Heather Bahm

The Werewolf Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 1)The Werewolf Queen by Brandi Elledge
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The Werewolf Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 1), by Brandi Elledge, is a romantic fantasy novel. This novel/series by Brandi Elledge was exquisite. An amazing cast of characters set the stage for this amazing story. Sadie was a strong character, from her personality to her friendships to her sense of right & wrong. I instantly loved her and was rooting for her throughout the story. Adding in the supporting characters and the chain of events that unfold were original, intriguing and magnificent. One of the best first book/series starters that I have recently read. Brandi Elledge is imaginative and has a remarkable creation of all the individual characters along with the story development. I cannot wait to delve into the next book(s) of the series to see what comes next and the additional personalities that are introduced!

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