My Pearl Heart by J.N. Sheats – Review by Kerry Carr

My Pearl HeartMy Pearl Heart by J.N. Sheats
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really enjoyable romance. The author does an amazing job with the characters. The characters are both fun and witty and they have backstories which really make them come alive. This is a story about meeting the one for you but things and circumstances being in the way.

James Conner is know as a drunk. His life has spiralled out of control but now he’s determined to get it back on track and a marriage of convenience seems like a the right idea. Or so he thought.
What he didn’t anticipate was meeting the wedding planner and his future brides best friend and sharing a kiss with her that blows his mind.

Jasmine Hayes is a successful business woman. She takes no prisoners and is a straight talker. She runs her business with her best friend so when she gets a call about an emergency she rushes to her aid not realising she would come face to face and lips to lips with the man of her dreams. However there is one problem. He is promised to her best friend and she wants Jasmine to plan the wedding.

So this is where we find our couple. Both feeling the spark between them but unable to do anything about it. Will there ever be a time for them to be together? Will James be able to pull his life back on track and if he can will Jasmine be a part of it?
This story is full of laughed and tears which makes it an emotional read that you can’t put down.

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