Misfortune of Vision (Druid’s Brooch Series Book 4) by Christy Nicholas – Review by Angela Hayes

Misfortune of Vision (Druid's Brooch #4)Misfortune of Vision by Christy Nicholas
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Misfortune of Vision is the fourth book in the Druid’s Brooch Series by Christy Nicholas. This is a historical fantasy- with prophecy, religion (Christianity vs Druidism) adventure, magic, drama, mystery, aging, challenges, folklore, and fantastic world building. I have said it before, and I will keep saying it over and over again- I really love the attention to detail and vividly descriptive storytelling that Ms. Nicholas excels at- it brings her stories to life and makes them very realistic, believable, and entirely immersive.
As with the other books in this series that I have read, this is really well written, intriguing, and engaging. The story pulled me in and kept my attention right from the beginning. The character/s are complex, fully realised individuals who were cleverly crafted. The story was given an extra element of interest by making the main character Orlagh quite old. Her “life experience” was immediately recognisable and gave her a realistic and relatable quality, even by today’s standards. Things like struggling with daily tasks, getting tired easily, having to rely on others for help, how her body has changed as she has gotten older, experiencing the loss of family and friends who have passed on before her, and feeling her mortality as she acknowledges that her remaining time is limited- are all things we still deal with I our modern world. I found it difficult to connect with Declan though, and I’m not entirely sure we were meant to?
I haven’t read the books in this series in sequence- instead picking books by random- thankfully each book is able to be read as a standalone- but I have read enough of the series now to see a lot of interconnected details, a thread of sorts that runs through the entire series. I can see a link between books in the series, as we travel through time- and am appreciating the ‘bigger picture’ that is being built.
Looking forward to continuing the series!

Thank you, Ms. Nicholas!


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