Problematic Love (Rogue Series Book 8) by Lara Ward Cosio – Review by Angela Hayes

Problematic Love (Rogue Series Book 8)Problematic Love by Lara Ward Cosio
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Problematic Love is the eighth book in the Rogue Series by Lara Ward Cosio. The Rogue books are part of a really great Rockstar romance series. These are not your ‘typical’ Rockstar romance stories, there is so much more going on in each book. They are not hearts and flowers romances- as the books delve much deeper, and are somewhat raw and gritty stories that will work their way under your skin.
If you haven’t read the rest of the series, you are seriously missing out. This book needs to be read as part of the series, as there are relevant details and important information contained in previous books which you will need to know in order to fully appreciate what this book has to offer. At the very least, you will need to have read ‘Looking For Trouble’ (Book #5), and ‘Felicity Found’ (Book #6)- as this is the continuation of Danny-boy and Amelia’s story.
Their relationship hasn’t been a bed of roses, as addiction isn’t something that will let you just walk away, never to be heard of again- and loving an (ex) addict isn’t always easy. So, there are struggles, obstacles, and turmoil to deal with- and we witness all the emotionally charged, and sometimes unsettling details and revelations.
As with the other books in the series, this took me on an emotional journey full of all the highs and lows I have come to expect from Ms. Ward-Cosio. This is ‘life’ in its truest form, and Ms. Ward-Cosio didn’t shy away from giving us a warts-and-all experience. There were scenes that made my heart ache, and there were quite a few tears along the way.
Having the characters from the previous books make appearances in this story was great, I love their connection- and it was like revisiting old friends- and I loved catching up with them too.
I am really looking forward to Ms. Ward Cosio’s next book!

Thank you, Ms. Ward Cosio!


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