The Vampire Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 3) by Brandi Elledge – Review by Angela Hayes

The Vampire Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 3)The Vampire Queen by Brandi Elledge
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The Vampire Queen is the third book in the Wheel of Crowns Series by Brandi Elledge. It’s a completely riveting, action-packed paranormal fantasy- with vampires, witches, werewolves, psychics, soothsayers, supernatural creatures, magic, fate, missing keys, bloody battles, intensity, drama, changes, discoveries, chemistry, friendship, different factions, hidden agendas, twists, jaw dropping revelations, and so much more.
We met Tandi in the previous book, as she is Charlies best friend- and who has only recently been ‘turned’. But she’s not your average fledgling vampire. We discover there is so much more to her, and her new ‘condition’ than we could have ever guessed. And adding Stephen to the mix makes for some spellbinding reading!
Stephen is an ancient vampire prince, who looks like he’s only in his early 20’s. He’s powerful, and broody- with a sexy ‘bad-boy’ vibe. He’s taken Tandi under his wing to help her adjust to the vampire world. So, what happens when the vengeful and conniving Queen of Vampires decides she wants Stephen for herself? What about Stephen and Tandi’s quest for one of the missing keys? What happens when feeling become involved? Squeeeee- I really can’t recommend this book/series highly enough. It really deserves to be read!!!
This book was so great- it’s funny, emotive, exciting, fast-paced, intense, touching, romantic, and just plain incredible. The story is told from Tandi’s perspective, which I loved- but I really wanted to hear Stephens take on it all, too- that would have taken the story to a whole new level. As would exploring Tandi and Stephen’s chemistry in greater detail!!
All the characters are superb- so cleverly crafted and all adding their own mark on the story. Tandi is definitely my spirit animal- I just loved her. Stephen is definitely book boyfriend material- sigh. And Tracker really stole the show- he really cracked me up!
As I have said numerous times now, Ms. Elledge is a gifted storyteller, excelling at original, and intricately detailed world building- easily bringing her stories to life. Sheer brilliance!!! Without a doubt, one of my favourite series, ever!!
And, I seriously CAN NOT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bravo, and thank you Ms. Elledge!


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