A Spider in the Garden by Courtney Davis – Review By Kerry Carr

A Spider in the GardenA Spider in the Garden by Courtney Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this paranormal story. The author does an amazing job with the characters and using characters that are unique such as the spider shifter. The author does an amazing job at building the characters and their stories and the romance between Aranha and Dag is special. Both are supposed to be enemies however they can’t help their attraction.

Aranha is a spider shifter. She is the last of her species and she likes to stay below the radar of other supernatural beings. The spider shifters have a lot of enemies and Aranha wants not part of running into them. She lives her life quietly and feeding off people who deserve to lose their life. In her mind she is saving people bu removing the dangers.

On one such mission she meets Dag a day walker. She immediately feel suspicion and danger around him but when he asks for her help to save an innocent she just can’t refuse.
Now placing herself in danger and the fact she exists out in the open she needs to be extra cautious about who she can and can’t trust. And as her feelings grow for Dag how are they going to deal with it. Can two sworn enemies become lovers?

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