Perfectly Played by Holly Kerr – Review by Jenni Bishop

Perfectly PlayedPerfectly Played by Holly Kerr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Perfectly Played by Holly Kerr is a nice second chance story ​and my first read of Holly’s work. I enjoyed her writing style and loved the characters. It is a quick and easy read and you will find yourself invested in the lives of the characters. The story is told in multiple POV’s which enriches the story and the understanding of the characters and their emotions and backgrounds. It is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride but it works in the end.

Flora is starting to finally see the man she is supposed to marry one step at a time for what he truly is. Walking away is the best thing she needs to for herself and in doing so she meets the one person who could make her life complete.

Dean has just had his heart crushed and he isn’t sure why when he literally bumps into the one person who makes his heart feel whole again and could be his whole life and accept him for who he is. If only he can get over his past.

I look forward to reading more from Holly.

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