Perfectly Played by Holly Kerr – Review by Tausha Treadway

Perfectly PlayedPerfectly Played by Holly Kerr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Perfectly Played by Holly Kerr. This is such a sweet story. Its the story of Flora who owns a Flower Shop and runs out of her wedding in Vegas and literally runs into Dean an ex ball player who has just been left at the altar via text. As Flora barrels into Dean he tries to keep them both upright but sees her and sees an “Angel”. After they spend the night together Flora wakes up to Dean being gone and the note he left is missing. She flies back home she can’t stop thinking about Dean but without his phone number, last name or even Facebook page she has no way of contacting him. When an order for flowers brings them back together is it fate? Will Dean & Flora let down their barriers and love again? This is a sweet story with 2 people that have been treated unfairly in love and now have a chance to be happy. Read Perfectly Played to find out if they make it together!

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