Trickster’s Hunt (Three Tricksters Book 1) by Carrie Whitethorne – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Trickster's Hunt (Three Tricksters #1)Trickster’s Hunt by Carrie Whitethorne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trickster’s Hunt
Three Tricksters
Book 1
By Carrie Whitethorne
This is a full length novel. Just the beginning of this series. Adult content due to language and adult themes.

This is a super fun book to read. It contains three gorgeous, mysterious men and one 19 year old young lady. Who would think she could have such a following? Maia is a competitive eater and has won a week stay at a hotel in London. Now she has these three men following her. They told her, they were there for her protection. Now her journey has just begun. Everything is not as she would have thought.

Carrie Whitethorne has written a unique story. I love her characters and Maia has to be my favorite. Can’t believe she weighs so little and eats so much. That in itself made this story fun. Well, until things start happening. Her three protectors are strong and beautiful. The description of all three, put an amazing picture in your head. While this is a new author for me, I plan on reading more from her. I hope book two comes quickly! Hint, Hint.


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