Love Me, Dreamy (Love Me Series) by Laura Burton – Review by Jenni Bishop

Love Me, DreamyLove Me, Dreamy by Laura Burton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love Me, Dreamy: A YA Paranormal Romance with Breathtaking Twists by Laura Burton is Amazing. It is original, fresh and exciting. I was hooked and enthralled and it kept me flipping through the pages. There were lots of twists that had me guessing all the way through, there was no way I could guess where the story was going. Lauras’ writing is truly magical and as always it is a pleasure to read her works. The vividness and the passion shone through and seeped out from the pages. The characters were wonderful and I fell in love with them and the story has stayed with me long after I finished.

I am not going to reveal anything because this is a tale that has to be read and fully savoured by reaching your soul word by wonderful word.

This story has my stamp of approval if you don’t grab it you are truly missing out on something magical.

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