A Dark Sparrow Box Set (Dark Sparrow Series Books 1-3) by India Kells – Review by Jenni Bishop

A Dark Sparrow Box Set - Books 1-3A Dark Sparrow Box Set – Books 1-3 by India Kells
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A Dark Sparrow Box Set – Books 1-3 (Dark Sparrow Series) by India Kells is a great series you want to get your hands on.

Book 1 Brilliant! Deva is forced to return to a life she left leave behind but it is only temporary, or so she tries to tell herself but she finds herself falling in love with a man who would be her downfall. His world is not a world she wants to be in.

Aleksei is a MMA fighter with ties to the Russian Bratva and a dark, dark world. Aleksei’s fathers is an evil man and he has just discovered that there are others that hate the man as much as he does.

I’m not going to give the plot away, but I will say this was a superbly written story, a gripping page-turner, with a good helping of grit, angst and smouldering scenes. A fabulous read for those who love the genre and I will very much look forward to reading more.

Cold Bastard (Dark Sparrow Novel Book 2) is a real page turner and the chaos start from the very beginning. We are thrown into a world where power and money mean more than blood. Where a monster will get what he wants and doesn’t care who or what he destroys to get there. The mystery and intrigue will keep you on the edge of your seat and with all the twists and turns you don’t see what’s coming.

What would you do to keep all those you love safe?

Wild Bastard (A Dark Sparrow Novel Book 3) is another gripping tale in this series and about second chances. India’s stories are cleverly woven together and are definite page turners and she has never let me down. I know I am in great hands when I pick up one of her explosive stories. I was on the edge of my seat and I was unable to put it down as I had to know what was coming. The story complex and multi layered and is full of action and danger, intrigue and suspense, secrets and lies and so much more and sizzling, sexy and hot, hot, hot.

Isabelle is introduced to the Bastards and chosen for her particular ability, to help them bring down a monster. What she did not expect was a part of her past to show and have all her secrets revealed.

Kai is torn between bringing down the man who destroys everything, to the one woman who can bring him to his knees.

India has lead us through a world where suspense and danger are the name of the game. Where secrets and lies could ruin it all. Where monsters lurk and cause havoc. Where love is is found in the unlikely of circumstances.

This is a must to be on your TBR list. I know you will love them as much as I did. I am waiting to see what comes next.

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