Evil Sushi (Evil Sushi Series Book 1) by C.A. King – Review by Angela Hayes

Evil SushiEvil Sushi by C.A. King
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Evil Sushi is the first book in the incredible new series, Evil Sushi, by the very talented C.A King. This is such an original and clever story, unlike anything I have read before. It has elements of paranormal, sci-fi, horror, action, dystopia, adventure, thriller, mystery, and suspense. With environmental and political issues and agendas, discoveries, grudges, fishing with a twist, danger, good vs evil, small town setting, conspiracies, desperation, greed, secrets, pandemic, mutation, anger, mistakes, hidden agendas, merpeople/mermaids, fishermen, monsters, and enough intrigue to keep you hooked right till the very end.
This is such an imaginative, unique, incredibly detailed, and well written story. Ms. King has a very compelling and dynamic style- full of vivid descriptions and woven with lots of texture and complexities. Her scene setting and world creation is quite superb, and her words have a ‘visual’ quality to them, which brings anything she writes to life. Because Ms. King has mastered so many different genres, and her books always have a bit of a twist, I never really know exactly what I will be getting into once I embark on one of her stories. But I am always guaranteed of an engaging and fascinating read. And one thing I know for sure after reading most of her extensive catalogue of books, is that her imagination knows no bounds, and she seems to have a limitless well of wonderful ideas and storylines to draw on and inspire her creativity. She never ceases to amaze me.
The story definitely entertained me, but it also really made me think, by highlighting current environmental issues and giving possible future outcomes to ponder- then adding plenty of surprises, a few twists, some humour, and just a dash of crazy into the mix.
I had a lot of fun reading “Evil Sushi” and discovering this threat to humanity- and am very intrigued to see where this series is headed now. Bring on “Sashimi”!!!

Thank you, Ms. King!

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