Shameless (The Orphan Train Saga Book 2) by Sherry A. Burton – Review by Jana Teppih

Shameless (The Orphan Train Saga Book 2)Shameless by Sherry A. Burton
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Shameless is the second book in Sherry A. Burton’s series called The Orphan Train Saga. The writer has promised us 18 stories and if we can go by the first 2, we will have one heck of a ride! If you do not know much about the infamous Orphan Trains and placements of orphans, you will have an opportunity to learn about a chapter in America’s history!
The writer gives us an emotional story that leaves no eye dry – I had to put the book down so many times, I was afraid to continue reading as I knew what would happen next, what was the ultimate outcome but again and again, I picked it up to continue the journey that was the life of Tobias who we met in the first book – from the moments we met him when he was four and his sister teaching him to steal to the last breath he took …I still get tears in my eyes when writing this review …
The writer has masterfully mixed history with drama and fact and fiction and even when you know that these characters are not “real”, they are real and you are forced to feel and ponder our humanity and what price might one asked to pay …

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