The Complete Fenris Series by Samantha MacLeod – Review by Angela Hayes

The Complete Fenris SeriesThe Complete Fenris Series by Samantha MacLeod
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The Complete Fenris series by Samantha MacLeod is a boxed set containing all five books in the series as well as the bonus short story. Such a great deal- six books for the price of one, and there’s no waiting between books! That’s a real win-win situation.
This is a wonderfully original fantasy series: with romance, paranormal elements, magic, action, suspense, drama, adventure, steamy & erotic details, sexy scenes, ménage, prophecy, rich & vivid world-building- and all based on the Norse Myth of Fenrir, the monstrous wolf, who is also Loki’s son.
I Have really enjoyed exploring all the books in this series as I can always count on Ms. MacLeod to deliver a fantastic, complex, and well developed story. It is a captivating read right from the very first page of Book #1, right through till the end of the final book. Ms. MacLeod is a talented storyteller whose unique take on Norse mythology made for a few hours of spellbinding reading.
All the books in the series are on the shorter side, but the contents are anything but lacking- with a lot happening in a small space. But as usual Ms. MacLeod choreographs the whole series superbly. Weaving twists, surprises and unexpected developments that had me on the edge of my seat. Most of the books end on a bit of a cliff-hanger, and then the next book picks up where it left off. So, this is another bonus for buying the box-set, as you can begin on the first book and follow the story right through to the end, and not miss a thing.

The series contains:

-The Monster’s Lover (Book #1)
-The Monster’s Wife (Book #2)
-The Monster and His Prisoner (Book #3)
-The Monster Chained (Book #4)
-The Monster Freed (Book #5)
-Tempting Fenris Wolf (Bonus Short Story)

I highly recommend this series to all fantasy, paranormal, and Mythology lovers- it’s well worth the read!

Thank you, Ms. MacLeod!


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