The Fisher Men X-ing Lines (Fisher Men Book II) by Rebel Nicks O’Dey – Review by Debi Kircher

The Fisher Men X-ing Lines (Book #2)The Fisher Men X-ing Lines by Rebel Nicks O’Dey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Fisher Men X-ing Lines (Fisher Men Book II) by Rebel Nicks O’Dey

5 Stars

OMG I FLOVED this book!! I really enjoyed the first one but this one is so far my favorite. I love love love the getting to know you through texts and phone calls. This was so much fun to read. The interaction between ALL of these characters was so awesome and it made the flow of this story so smooth and simply awesome!

Nonna has to be one of my favorite characters ever and the bars of soap had me rolling!! Another of my favorite things was the values and life lessons taught in this book to these characters at a young age, I respected that alot and it didn’t make them all seem like caveman day values, they were simply lessons that meant something..Hard to explain but I loved it!

I’ll admit, I need to go back and read both of these again before another comes out and I’m really looking forward to that because they are that good, but I need to get caught up and understand better the ongoing story going on involving the Seh, and all the different working parts of everything else. I get it but some of it has left me confused which tells me I read too many parts too fast and I tend to do that when I love books this much, and now that I know how some parts turn out I can go back and put my concentration on the others.

This author has crept up on me and her writing style is right up my alley, she has me completely invested in all of these people and I can not wait for the next and any and everything she ever writes.

Simply Awesome and Amazing…Read them both, in order..Trust me!!

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