The Time Traveler’s Magic (Magic Bound Saga Book 1) by Anna Applegate – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Time Traveler's Magic (Book 1 of the Magic Bound Saga)The Time Traveler’s Magic by Anna Applegate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Time Traveller’s Magic (Book 1 of the Magic Bound Saga) by Anna Applegate is a fantasy story that I really enjoyed reading. There is magic and shifters and vampires and pirates and plenty of action to keep you interested and engaged. It is a different and original concept and was really well written. Anna has woven several genres to make it a magical and exciting read.

Ember is a time traveller but has no recollection of it and fears she maybe going insane. As her mother becomes ill she must learn what she is to be able to save her and stop the evil that is threatening the events of time. Ember is a strong woman but at times she drove me absolutely insane because she would not do as she was told. Having said that though I loved the way it played havoc with Rane.

Rane is a pirate and has a nemesis that is making his and everyone else’s lives tougher but not just in his time, he is causing havoc across the centuries as well. Rane is my favourite character, I fell in love with him. When a mysterious woman once again pops up on his ship he tries to make her see reason and do as she is told but he swears that she will be the death of him. I enjoyed their interaction and loved reading Ranes’ thoughts as the story is told in different POV’s.
The interactions between Rane and Ember are full of lust and tension, sizzling heat and an unknown draw which neither understand.

I really enjoyed this first book to the series and am anxiously awaiting reading the rest of the series. BUT WTF! Renee come on a cliff hanger! I swear I cursed up a storm just like the pirates in the story.

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