Devil’s Dilemma: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter #4) by Manda Mellett – Review by Tausha Treadway

Devil's Dilemma (Satan's Devils MC Colorado Chapter #4)Devil’s Dilemma by Manda Mellett
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Devil’s Dilemma: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter #4) by Manda Mellett. I love this series and I love Manda Mellett. This is the story of Melissa who has been in a relationship with Skull, a main member of the Colorado Chapter. Melissa is so easy for me to relate to because of her body image and her opinion of men. She doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin until Skull takes her in. She loves the Family life of the Club and is devastated when Skull doesn’t come home one night. The Club starts searching for him but its like looking for a needle in a haystack. Enter Pyro who has always thought Melissa was the hottest, sweetest woman around but knew he could never have her because she belonged to Skull. Now he is trying to be Melissa’s friend, a shoulder to cry on as they grow closer and closer. Will Melissa and Pyro have a future together or will Skull finally show back up or is he really gone for good? Read Devil’s Dilemma to find out!

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