Collateral Damage (Mafia Elite Series Book 6) by Amy McKinley – Review by Colleen Noyes

Collateral Damage: A Mafia Romance (Mafia Elite Book 6)Collateral Damage: A Mafia Romance by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Collateral damage picks up shortly after Ruthless Heir ends. This is the long-awaited book that is Trey’s story. Trey always comes across as much softer than his family but in this book you discover that he is every bit as protective as the rest. He finds himself in an unpredictable scenario and watching him come to terms with the fact that the love he lost may not have been a once in a lifetime love makes this story pull the heartstrings more than any other book in the series. Enter Hailey who it seems has never really known true love and you find yourself desperately waiting to see what will happen. With her in danger Trey is forced to make hard decisions not just about how he currently spends his time but the future. You get to see all of the sides of Trey in this book and it makes you realize looking back on the rest that this silent hero is the backbone in more ways than one. I loved his interaction with Sandy and his siblings. I once again found myself rooting for this couple and that they would find happiness like the couples before them. I think the author does a tremendous job of giving you so much backstory and insight to each character while still holding back a little. If you enjoy a true romantic suspense with lots of action, some romance, and some humor thrown in then you will absolutely love this entire series and I highly recommend picking it up today.

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