Journeys Through SpaceTime (Journeys Through Book 1) by James Talisman – Review by Jenni Bishop

Journeys Through SpaceTimeJourneys Through SpaceTime by James Talisman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Journeys Through SpaceTime (Journeys Through Book 1) by James Talisman is a sci-fi story and is his debut book. It is a unique and interesting tale that he has lovingly shared with us. You can tell he has written the story with passion and poured his heart and soul into it. The characters were many and varied as the story takes place, as the title says, through spacetime with multiple species and races and worlds you can only imagine. James writing, descriptions and depictions are very detailed and you can easily imagine what the words portray. The concept of All-That-Is is intriguing and many will relate to some of the teachings/concepts that James has given us in the book. To that end it is a complex story with multiple layers and sometimes I had to re-read something just to take it all in and absorb what was being said. I also felt that the story could have been told with less words. That being said I look forward to see what James comes up with next.

If you love sci-fi grab a copy and settle in for a unique tale that will get you thinking.

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