Journeys Through SpaceTime (Journeys Through Book 1) by James Talisman – Review by Tausha Treadway

Journeys Through SpaceTimeJourneys Through SpaceTime by James Talisman
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Journeys Through SpaceTime (Journeys Through Book 1) by James Talisman. This book is AWESOME! This is not my favorite Genre but I loved this story and can’t wait for the next book! This book includes time travel, multiverse theory and sci-fi/fantasy. The story starts with all the different worlds we will enter and you get to meet all the characters that you will encounter. I will say this is not a book you can just breeze through, you actually have to pay attention to get the full story. There are tons of characters and tons of worlds and they all intertwine. Its amazing when you realize how things all come together. I loved the handy dandy guide at the beginning because I kept going back to it! The descriptions of all the worlds and characters make you feel like you’ve been there and know all the characters. You go from Earth to alien worlds with the turn of a page and you feel as if you’ve actually traveled there. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this book and get lost in it. If you love Sci/Fi you won’t be disappointed. Just remember its not a light read so be prepared to delve deep. You will love it! Can’t wait for the next one!

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