Hawk’s Cry (Satan’s Devils MC Second Generation #2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Jana Teppih

Hawk's Cry (Satan's Devils MC Second Generation #2)Hawk’s Cry by Manda Mellett
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Hawk’ Cry is the second book in Manda Mellett’s Satan’s Devils MC Second Generation series. Oh my goodness! I have read the original series and Colorado Chapter spin off but when I finished the first book in the Second Generation series I know that she has stepped up with these stories of the kids of the original MC members! What makes the second generation series even more special is that we get the old timers, pardon me, the original MC family and then we see the kids all grown up with their challenges and lives and …
Hawk’s Cry gives us Eli “Hawk” and Olivia who are MC brats themselves, are waiting the birth of their first child with the rest of the MC family. You would think that in general it is the time of joy and happiness but Hawk’s Cry gives us doubts and heartbreak and feeling like you cannot breath anymore and the world is closing in on you … oh my, we are left emotionally battered once we finish the story … I love how Manda is not afraid to address sensitive issues. I am sure when you picture a VP of a MC, you think of an alpha male and then the writer brings in the question of the mental health and how men deal with it and … Kudos to you dear Manda and I cannot wait for the next one in the series!

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