Of Magic and Scales by Natalina Reis

Of Magic and ScalesOf Magic and Scales by Natalina Reis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you love the world of magic, mystery and great characters you will love Of Magic and Scale by Natalina Reis. The story follows Aiden a laid back person who is looking to relax and chill in life until he meets the stoic character of Nael.

Nael is a protector for his little sister but when he gets put as prime suspect in the murders which have been discovered he enlists the help of a unlikely character in Aiden, but Nael has a secret and will this affect their relationship if found out. Will they discover who is committing these hideous crimes you will have to read the book. The with the interaction of the secondary characters this makes for a really entertaining book.

The chemistry between these two characters is great from the first time they meet and the story is a great read. You will turning the pages frantically to get to the next chapter and the writing brings the characters to life. I really enjoyed this book and this is not the first book I have read by Natalina and will not be the last.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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