A High Price to Pay (The Madeline Dawkins Series Book 2) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Angela Hayes

A High Price to Pay (Madeline Dawkins, #2)A High Price to Pay by Cynthia Hamilton
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A High Price to Pay is the second book in the Madeline Dawkins series by Cynthia Hamilton. This is another exciting mystery following Madeline Dawkins sleuthing adventures. This story takes place three years after the ending of book one. With the event planning/private investigation business in full swing- Madeline is caught up in planning a huge shindig for Hollywood elite. A year in the making, Madeline needs everything to go off without a hitch. But Madeline seems to attract trouble. The party turns into a murder investigation when a body is discovered in an upstairs bedroom. And Madeline is on the list of suspects. Added to her troubles is the fact that one of her abductors from the previous book, has cut a deal and is being released early. Will he be gunning for Madeline, since she helped put him away? His release draws out the evil leader of the kidnappers, who is hell bent on revenge. Things turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, where Madeline and Mike will need to keep their wits about them and harness all their skills if they are to survive.
This cleverly crafted story has all the elements required to make it riveting. Missing jewels, an FBI investigation, a huge ‘Hollywood’ event, murder, suspense, unravelling three mysteries, betrayal, a reunion, revenge, a game of cat and mouse, a life or death battle for survival, and much more.
I loved all the excitement, emotion, tension, drama, and intrigue that Ms. Hamilton always manages to instil in her stories- I can always count on her for an exciting read.

Thank you, Cynthia Hamilton!


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