Hansel & Gretel (Down the Rabbit Hole) Anthology – Review by Jenni Bishop

Hansel & Gretel: Down the Rabbit HoleHansel & Gretel: Down the Rabbit Hole by Autumn Sand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hansel & Gretel: Down the Rabbit Hole is an anthology of stories from 7 different authors who each give their own unique twists and interpretations of the classic tale, Hansel & Gretel. 7 Authors, 7 Stories. Each one brings raw and emotional responses such as horror and fear, danger and lies. Each one is as different as the next.

The Witch in the Woods by Amy Allen – Morgause is sent into the human realm with twins, based on orders but she soon realises that what she had been told was all a lie and is full of deceit.

The Surface by CeeCee Elaine – Is about people going underground due to a virus and not all things are as they seem.

The Reaper Within by Jess Bagnall – A young boy has been shunned his whole life becomes a hunter in which he hunts the monsters but who is the true monster.

Shadows that Move by Lorah Jaiyn – is a world in which nobody believes what they can’t see and what they can’t see makes you crazy.

Hazel & Gretchen by Erin Lee – When parents decide it’s time for a holiday they leave their kids behind but where exactly did they leave them?

The Dragon and the Phoenix by Rachel Pudsey – Will the prophecy come true where the Dragon and Phoenix rule?

The Sweetest Day by Debra Parmley – The things we do to ensure we won’t be eaten by witches.

There is romance and fantasy, horrors and lies, fae and kings and so much more. No two stories are the same. Beware not all are as they seem……


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