Hero High: Figure In The Flames by Mina Chara – Review by Mirela Ruiz

Figure in the Flames (Hero High, #1-3)Figure in the Flames by Mina Chara
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hero High: Figure In The Flames by Mina Chara is a fantastic fantasy story all wrapped in one book. I loved the series and really enjoyed the adventure I got to take with Friday and her superhero journey. There is so much to love about the series, there is something to be said about a “dystopian” world where you watch super heroes on tv and then get to see the behind the scenes. I loved all the twists and turns that the story took and the wonderful character development. This is a great bundle to get through on a long weekend or if you have the time to just sit and devour it in one sitting.

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