Kat’s Conundrum (Raven and Hummingbird Book 3) by Nikki Broadwell – Review by Faith Jackson

Kat's Conundrum (Raven and Hummingbird Book 3)Kat’s Conundrum by Nikki Broadwell
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Kat’s life is in chaos. Earth is in the clutches of an unknown entity when another ill-fated scenario is being uncovered. Meanwhile, Bran, the deity she loves, has taken off to the Outerworld but hasn’t returned.
A sip from the vessel of intelligence and influence should have given her something to work with, but whatever she’s learned has left her memory or she never tried to take it in.
As anarchy emanates around her, Kat sways from place to place, she becomes lost in her ability to switch from her sea of disbelief. Her inevitability lies in symmetry but balance. Fate takes hold and adjusts it.
As her recollection is snatched, the threads that held them together seem to resolve. The fairy is equipped to help her but are their intentions honorable? Her life is about to adjust but if she isn’t thorough, she’s gonna lose herself in the process.
This book is a beautiful book with great world building as it’s unpredictable with great characters. It’s also whimsical and entertaining in the best of ways. Original and easy to read, it’s quite the page-turner!

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