Curse of Seduction (Dark Princes of Purgatory Book 1) by CR Robertson – Review by Tausha Treadway

Curse of SeductionCurse of Seduction by C.R. Robertson
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Curse of Seduction (Dark Princes of Purgatory Book 1) by CR Robertson. This book was amazing. Once I started I didn’t want to put it down. Its the story of Ophelia Blood Queen who has cursed 4 Princes of Purgatory centuries ago in order to become the Queen of Purgatory, the Queen of all Realms. The only thing that can save them is a blood sacrifice. Ilana is a vampire of sorts meaning she can’t feed like normal vampires and the touch of a male causes her horrible pain. She has believed for 200 years that she is defective but when she runs into Ezekiel her witch powers awaken as they sense the presence of her mate. Finally its made clear why she has so much strength & abilities of a vampire but not be able to feed. Ezekiel was also cursed and every time he fees the Queen takes something away from his mate: a memory, a feeling, a huge part of their being that messes them up forever. When Ezekiel feels the urge to feed can Ilana stop the curse that will change her forever with no going back? This book is a fast paced thriller. Get ready to be sucked in!

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