Love Gaia: The Diary Directive by TL Clark – Review by Angela Hayes

Love Gaia: The Diary DirectiveLove Gaia: The Diary Directive by T.L. Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Love Gaia: The Diary Directive By T.L Clark is such a thought provoking and interesting story set in the post-apocalyptic future- where there are lessons to be learned to avoid the same fate.
I love exploring Ms. Clark’s work, as she always brings something new and different to the table. This standalone story took me on a bit of a dystopian journey through devastation, survival, environmental issues, lessons to be learned, drama, emotion, mystery, action, and hope.
As I would expect from Ms. Clark, this story is beautifully written and paints a picture of a believable future- with vividly descriptive scene setting and superb detailing. Ms. Clark’s world building is quite masterful.
We meet Aroha and her classmates who live in a future dystopian society, their sheltered existence gets a shake-up with some shocking and harsh lessons. The hope being that they will learn from the past, so future generations won’t make the same mistakes which led to the devastation and changed the world forever. The lessons involve the journal entries made by Dr. Rachel, and her personal experiences in the events that occurred now help to shape the future.
Intriguing reading!

Thank you, T.L Clark!


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