The Matchmaker and The Marine: A Second Chance Small-Town Romance by Lucinda Race – Review by Karyn Taylor

The Matchmaker and The MarineThe Matchmaker and The Marine by Lucinda Race
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Matchmaker and The Marine is a fantastic small town romance story by Lucinda Race. I had never read any of this author’s work but was intrigue by the blurb and decided to give it a go. I’m so glad that I took a chance on this book as I loved the story and the characters so much.
Melinda moved to the small town a few year back to start a new life for herself after the death of her beloved husband. She has set up a matchmaking company and has had a great deal of success in setting up local couples. At the wedding of one such couple she meets retired marine Adam who has recently moved to the town. When Adam hires Melinda to help find him some romance he soon realises that Melinda herself is the woman that he’s attracted to.
As much as she loves setting up other couples, Melinda has no desire to find herself another man. She had her one true love with her husband. But she can’t help how her body reacts around Adam.
I loved this story so much. The growing attraction between Adam and Melinda is lovely to read. You just can’t help but hope that the dates she sets him up with go badly as Melinda is perfect for him. There’s a good deal of angst throughout this book but that is something that I really enjoy reading. These 2 characters are perfect for each other but will a huge secret that Adam is hiding tear them apart when Melinda finds out? I urge anyone who is considering this book to give it a go as I think it’s a wonderful book.

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