Accountability (Scope of Practice Book 3) by Jessica Aiken-Hall – Review by Debi Kircher

Accountability (Scope of Practice #3)Accountability by Jessica Aiken-Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Accountability (Scope of Practice Book 3) by Jessica Aiken-Hall

5 Stars

This has become a favorite series and one that I’ll be rereading sometime in the future. It’s twisted just enough to have me completely hooked!

I love this author’s writing style and her character building, I find myself completely invested in Valerie and that happened in book 1. She has always taken on everyone else’s problems and in her own way has always figured out how to fix them, or has had someone fixing them for her without her knowledge. You truly must read these in order to get the whole picture, there’s a lot and stories have continued throughout all 3 books which would make it impossible to not read them all in order.

They are the kind of reads you pick up and don’t put back down till you’ve finished. They are the kind of reads that twist and turn when you are least expecting them and there is absolutely no predicting anything. It seems this might be the last book, although I hope not, but was tied up and completed perfectly! Not going into any details since these books link together and would be too afraid of giving something away. I was totally shocked at some things that happened and felt so bad for Valerie in many places. I can’t imagine!

Read these all…They are amazing! I can not wait for what this author brings next!!

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