DEADLY WEAPON (Jake Wolfe Book 5) by Mark Nolan – Review by Angela Hayes

Deadly Weapon (Jake Wolfe Book 5)Deadly Weapon by Mark Nolan
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5 Stars


Deadly Weapon is the adrenaline-charged fifth book in the Jake Wolfe series by Mark Nolan. I just can’t get enough of this series- and I don’t think I will ever tire of following Jake and Cody on one of their exciting ‘adventures’- so I hope Mark Nolan has got a well-spring of storyline ideas firing up his imagination, to ensure we keep getting new instalments of Jake Wolfe for many years to come. No pressure, Mr. Nolan.
As this story’s title suggests, Jake and Cody are thrust in a race against time to prevent a deadly weapon of mass destruction from being deployed. They will need to use all their skills, as well as work with others, in order to save billions of lives. So as you can imagine, this proved to be quite a thrilling and action-packed read- with drama, danger, adventure, mystery, edge-of-your-seat tension, twists & turns, assassins, a power hungry madman, hidden agendas, secret organisations, violence, murder, gun fights, explosions, and so much more.
I was pulled in right from the beginning, reading the entire book in one sitting- just so I could find out how everything plays out in the end. As with the previous books, this story is told from multiple POV’s- giving me a fuller perspective of what was happening. This allowed me to have a much richer reading experience, because I had so much more information to work with.
Again, as with all the books in this series, the characters are truly fantastic- they are so well developed, crafted into fully-realised individuals with their own unique personalities, quirks, and flaws. As expected, I especially love how incredibly detailed and developed Cody’s personality is, too- it’s this attention to detail that really sets this book/series apart from others in the same genre!
The story can definitely be read as a standalone- but as there are recurring characters, as well as important details which have helped to forge the characters, as well as containing backstory details- which really help to build a bigger picture and knowing what has happened previously, and how much Jake and Cody have been through together- would give you a far richer reading experience of this story.
I could go on and on about every little detail of this fantastic book- but instead I will sign off here so you can grab yourself a copy and dive in asap- highly recommended!
I can’t wait to see what Jake and Cody get up to next in “Key West Dead” (Book Six)!


Thank you, Mark Nolan, for another riveting read!

Mr. Nolan, I was truly saddened to read your afterward and offer my deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved brother, Marty. He would be so touched that you continue to write in his memory ❣


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