Age of Druids (The Druid’s Brooch Series #9) by Christy Nicholas – Review by Debi Kircher

Age of Druids (Druid's Brooch #9)Age of Druids by Christy Nicholas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Age of Druids (The Druid’s Brooch Series #9) by Christy Nicholas

4 Stars

Can not believe that this series is coming to an end. I think back to all the stories I can remember and it gets a little confusing along the way. I read them out of order and although each is a standalone I would highly recommend starting at the beginning.

This is not my chosen genre but found myself interested enough to complete each one, this one might have been my favorite of all of them and I think it’s because I could relate to Clíodhna more being a Mom and even though different time frames in history, I could feel the strength that she had to pull from to make some of the choices she was forced to make. I can’t imagine.

This was an awesome end to this series, and I do hope someday to go back and read them again from the start. This author’s ability to describe the scenes and the scenery many times had me feeling like I was there, and made me want to visit these places.

I can imagine if this is your chosen genre that this series would absolutely be sitting at the top. I can say that this author has an amazing way of telling a story and I will continue to follow her and her future writings.

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