Her Blackened Heart (The Blackened Series Book 2) by Isra Sravenheart – Review by Jenni Bishop

Her Blackened HeartHer Blackened Heart by Isra Sravenheart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Her Blackened Heart (Blackened Series Book 2) by Isra Sravenheartis is a dark fairy taleish fantasy paranormal story. Our villainess who is a very dark witch and the story has a bit of everything and the story line is original. Paranormal is my favourite genre so I am a fussy reader when it comes down to it. Did I like this book better than the first? Yeah. Would I recommend it to others? yes because like I said with the first book, just because it didn’t live up to my expectations, does not mean it will not for others.
3.5 stars


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