Playing Series 3 Book Set by Stephanie Queen – Review by Jenni Bishop

Playing Series 3 Book SetPlaying Series 3 Book Set by Stephanie Queen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Playing Series 3 Book Set: Sports Romance by Stephanie Queen is a set that you need to grab. Stephanie has done a wonderful job with the characters and their development. And let’s not forget the steamy romances. Each book is a short but sweet read.

Playing for the Money is a Bad Boy Sports Romance. Hunter loses the one thing that he needed his place on the team. Not everything is as it seems but that doesn’t matter when the truth is hidden. His heart is torn between the right thing, the game and the sexy woman who is his keeper will not stop until she gets what she wants.

Playing for Love is a beautiful Second Chance Sports Romance. Gabe lives for football but unfortunately his girlfriend doesn’t share his passion. Denise sets out to test his fidelity as she lives a long way away. When her bestie comes to his town, they both find they are torn between their feelings, but Gabe knows nothing can come of it due to his commitments even though he knows his relationship is long over.

Playing for Keeps is a sexy an Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance. Tate absolutely hates the media even though he knows it comes with the territory as a pro footballer. It figures fate would deal a blow when he finds the one woman, he is attracted to happens to be his nemesis, a reporter. Watch as they navigate their love hate relationship.


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