Key to Tirumfall (Tirumfall Trilogy Book 3) by J Drew Brumbaugh – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

Key to Tirumfall (Tirumfall Trilogy #3)Key to Tirumfall by J. Drew Brumbaugh
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This story is set seventeen years after the last installment and Gwen and Seth are adults, but still as close as ever, although Seth isn’t always happy when he gets into trouble when Gwen gets up to mischief! She has become quite proficient in the magical arts thanks to her uncle, the Emperor Pris teaching her, but she wants to see the world and is determined to do it. She has heard the tales of the Tower of Tirumfall and wants to see it for herself and find out what magic there is to learn there and she is insisting that Seth goes with her.

In Pogor, Isabella is living the life that Gwen was supposed to have and is not as proficient in the magical arts as she was meant to be, but she is happy in her own way, until she decides to stop the war between the two demon lords and get them to swear allegiance to her. Their destinies are twisted together, but they do not know of each other’s existence, or that they have been exchanged, this is until a stranger comes and announces it. This leads Isabella to leave with this stranger to find the true child of prophecy and sort things out once and for all, but this journey may not be as smooth running as they expect.

The Tower of Tirumfall, however, is drawing more than just the attention of Gwen and Seth, there are others with not so innocent intentions, but who will make it to the Tower first, will they get into it at all, will it yield the knowledge that everyone craves, or will it be more than anyone can handle?

This is a fantastic conclusion to a great trilogy,but the only way to find out how it ends is to read through this fast paced and enthralling finale.

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