Santa Got Run Over by a Vampire (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 4) by Carrie Pulkinen – Reviewed by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Santa Got Run Over by a Vampire (New Orleans Nocturnes, #3.5)Santa Got Run Over by a Vampire by Carrie Pulkinen
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Jane Devereaux is finally getting her chance to drive Gaston’s baby around New Orleans and is relishing in this until she runs someone over, as she starts to panic and get Gaston to call for an ambulance, she learns that it isn’t just any old person she has run over and nearly killed, it is Santa, THE SANTA, he actually exists and not only that and now Jane has to make a choice, she has to turn him into a vampire, or destroy Christmas, not much of a choice really. After the deed is done and Santa has been turned, Jane and Gaston load Santa into his car and after some shock and amazement, she gets to ride Santa’s reindeer Blitzen home, this is something she will never forget.

The next day, she has to go and see the Magistrate of their coven and register her new fledgeling and start to deal with the consequences of her actions, this includes the explanation of why she had to sire him in the first place, but first she has to break the news to Santa that he is now a vampire and everything that goes with it, however, Santa seems a little off and won’t stop singing his versions of Christmas songs and asking constantly for sugary things to crave his thirst. After Santa’s registration they take Santa out for his first feed and to get his official license, but something is still off, this is where they all have to break the news to Mrs Claus, as well as this, she has the added bonus of her dad coming to visit for Christmas and she is going to have to break the news that she is a vampire, but more that that, is that she is also married and prepare herself to see her dad and face his reactions to her news! Jane only has three days to fix Santa and save Christmas, but can she do it in time, or at all?

This story is a christmas themed romp through New Orleans where mistakes are made and curveballs are thrown around like snowballs in a snowball fight and a read which will keep you reading until the end.

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