Secure Boxed Set: Chase Security Series Books 1-3 by R.L. Dunn – Review by Angela Hayes

Secure Boxed Set (Chase Security #1-3)Secure Boxed Set by R.L. Dunn
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4 ½ Stars

Secure Boxed Set contains the first three books in the addictive Chase Security series by R.L Dunn. I am so glad I stumbled on this series, and author- as she has proved to be a great storyteller. This is a romantic suspense series- that will keep you glued to the pages as you get swept up in the stories. Each book in the series could be read as a standalone- as each book focuses on one of the Chase Security team members. These stories are full of action, adventure, alpha males, and strong women.

The series contains:


Secure Desire (Book #1)

4 ½ Stars

Secure Desire is the first book in the Chase Security series by R.L Dunn, and is a really great action-packed romantic suspense- with mystery, murder, intrigue, violence, brutality, spills and thrills, hidden agendas, sinister plots, clandestine ops, covert organizations, private security, family, friendship, Politics, loss, betrayal, chemistry….. and soooo much more.
Ian Chase is an ex-Navy SEAL turned successful business man, now heading up the Chase Group, a billion dollar global empire in the venture capital and private security sector. He has never forgotten a brief encounter with a beautiful, but engaged, art historian he met six years earlier. So, imagine his surprise when he unexpectedly encounters her again- only now she’s no longer engaged or married, and works for the FBI. He knows there is more to the story, and to her, than she’s letting on. Secrets surround her. And he’s determined to get to the bottom of it all.
Cassiopeia Ellis remembers meeting Ian, and he’d made quite the impression on her. But she remembers very little else from that night. She suffers from amnesia and is haunted by nightmares from a very traumatic experience. Running into Ian again after all these years, both thrills and terrifies her. She still feels their electric chemistry and magnetic pull- but she is deathly afraid that he’ll discover her secret and then won’t want anything to do with her. Much better to push him away, than to suffer the pain and embarrassment of rejection. But Ian has arrived at a point where he is able to really help Cassie- as someone seems to want her dead. Can Ian protect her and keep her safe? Who has targeted Cassie, and why? What happened to her six years ago, and what has that got to do with the present threat? All the answers to these questions, and more, can be discovered between the covers of this suspenseful read!
I really enjoyed this book. I was intrigued right from the beginning, totally engrossed the whole way through. There were some shocking, emotional, and violent moments that had me anxiously reading, on the edge of my seat to discover if things would turn out ok. There was a lot going on, and so much to keep track of, too.
R.L Dunn has written a complex, multi-layered story full of clever interconnected details which gives it a real unpredictability- she kept me guessing the whole way through. I had so many scenarios running through my head, trying to piece everything together and work out what was going on. I though that aspect of the writing, and story, was really well done.
I loved Ian and Cassie, they were so easy to like and invest in. I really felt for Cassie and what she’d been through, and what she was going through!!! OMG- R.L Dunn really put her through the wringer. And then there’s Ian- his protective Alpha hotness was swoon-worthy. I also love Kieran, and Monique, Lil and Declan, Luke and Rachel…. And Hunter, such a sexy man- I’d sure like to know more about him!
The story was meticulously researched, or the author has experience in the field- with all the medical terminology, equipment, and medications that were used in the story, as well as the security lingo and weaponry etc. The story was detailed and vividly descriptive.
The only issue I had, was that there are a LOT of characters in the story- I counted over 130 NAMED characters- which was a lot to keep track of! I didn’t think they all required naming, especially passers-by on the street/hallway, or the nurse at her station etc- especially since many don’t any play a further part in the story. It just was a lot to take in- I like to remember names and places during a story, especially when I’m trying to piece everything together, like in this book- so I found the ‘extra names’ a little ‘messy’ to the overall tight plot-lines. This didn’t detract too much from the storyline, but it was a little distracting, and at times, confusing.


Secure Again (Book #2)

4 Stars

Secure Again is the second book in the Chase Security series by R.L Dunn. It is a second chance romance- with suspense, intrigue, mystery, danger, hidden agendas, chemistry, and high stakes.
Dr. Elizabeth Reed is a surgeon who has noticed a number of disturbing injuries stemming from the local prison. She is determined to find out what is going on.
Martin Bailey is the CEO of Chase Security International- is drawn into the mystery through his brother (a police officer) and the investigation he was conducting. But Martin and Elizabeth also have a past relationship- and soon old feelings are bubble to the surface, adding to the already charged situation. With a complicated web to untangle, there is no time to spare if they are to figure it all out before anyone else dies.
There was a lot going on and a lot of characters to keep track of, too. Making for an intense read.
Bring on Book #3!


Secure Her (Book #3)

4 Stars

Secure Heart is the third book in the Chase Security series by R.L Dunn. It is a bit of a romantic suspense, with second chances, danger, stalking, drama, emotion, chemistry, spice, and plenty of character growth.
I am really having trouble picking my favourite from out of this series (so far)- as each book is quite riveting. Again, as with the previous books, there is a lot going on in the book- and I liked the fresh feel to the storyline- as well as having a lot of characters to keep track of- which all the series books seem to have, and is a characteristic I now associate with R.L Dunn’s work. It definitely adds extra interest to the story.
I loved Holly, and Sadie. They’re such great characters- and I loved the extra emotive quality that Sadie brought to the overall storyline. Julian is just as smooth as I would have expected, being a Chase Security team member, not to mention former Navy SEAL- and it was great to tag along for the ride, and really ‘get to know him’.
The story is really well developed, with palpable tension and suspense woven throughout the storyline. The emotional component was both heartaching, and at times very touching.
This was a really engaging and enjoyable read!



Looking forward to the next book and continuing this fantastic series!

Thank you, R.L Dunn!


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