Broken Circle: A Gray Ghost Novel, Book 1 AUDIO BOOK by Amy McKinley – Review by Amanda Kimble

5/5 Stars


Broken Circle: A Gray Ghost Novel, Book 1 by Amy McKinley AUDIOBOOK


Another amazing read by McKinley. Broken Circle is an amazing book especially when you listen to the audio. McKinley knows how to write and she knows how to capture her readers. Regan Brown had me wanting more.


Olivia aka Liv is the wife of the NYPD Detective and soon to be politician. Hiding something from him is killing her, but it’s the right thing to do. The quote I chose for Liv is: “I hope you’re right.”


Alex is a NYPD Detective and heading into politics. He doesn’t want to have kids to be used against him. He is hiding his past from Olivia and she doesn’t know the extent. The quote I chose for Alex is: “I’m sorry babe. I have no intentions of hiding anything, other than a job, from you. There are no mistresses and never will be. You’re it for me.”


Highly recommended for Romance lovers.

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