Matching Miriam by Mya O’Malley – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

Matching MiriamMatching Miriam by Mya O’Malley
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Miriam is a badass police officer who lives in New York and has built walls around her heart, she doesn’t want it broken again, but she is wondering whether it might be worth starting to let her guard down and look at finding love again, but she doesn’t open up easily apart from with her best friend, although even she doesn’t know everything. As Miriam leaves for a run, her best friend drives past and invites her for coffee with another friend, but Miriam declines it as she knows that she isn’t needed and she wants to run, but as she is running, she is bombarded by memories of her childhood and things she has kept locked away for a long time, including her first love Jesse, normally she can banish them, but today is different and she cannot escape them. When her boyfriend asks her if she is now bringing her work home, she is not happy about it and when he tries to talk about where their relationship is going, she pulls down the shutters, she has dating demons and is scared of them rearing their heads again with him and when he goes to kiss her, she freezes and takes a step back.

Jesse is a man who needs a change of scenery, he is trying to get away from his most recent relationship after it ended and when the job opportunity in New York for a fireman he jumps at the chance, but the main reason is Miriam, he first love and someone who cannot forget no matter how he tries, he thinks about what her life is like now and whether he may be able to be a part of it again and he is damn well going to try his hardest to make that either a reality or finally get the closure he would need to move on. The next day Miriam is thinking about the kiss the night before as well as how her best friend is acting strangely, when she comes round to talk to her and what she has to say unnerves Miriam to the extreme.

Miriam is called into work when a homicide is reported and she and her partner are assigned the case, but the details of the murder are really unusual and they end up chasing their tales when they can’t put things together as they would like to be able to. As the day progresses and her boyfriend keeps calling and texting, it is starting to irritate Miriam and this makes her think about Jesse even more. Meanwhile, Jesse is struggling to get Miriam out of his head, so when he decides to go for a run, he is shocked to run into Miriam who is also out for one, but when she trips and falls, Jesse insists on seeing her home to make sure that she is ok, the emotions which swirl around them are more than they can handle, so she makes Jesse leave.

As the case develops and things do start falling into place, things are strained for Miriam, between Jesse reappearing, the things her best friend has been telling her and the situation with her boyfriend and the fact that there is a murderer on the loose, she doesn’t know if she is coming or going and things just keep getting stranger, but will they solve the case, or will the things that have been foretold come to pass? Can Miriam solve all the problems in her life, or will they all coalesce to bring her down?

If you like trying to solve a crime with a dash of romance and a bit of the supernatural sprinkled in for good measure, this is the book for you and it will suck you in.

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