At Last (The Adams Brothers BOOK 1) by Mindy McKinley – Reviewed by Roxsanne Lesieur.

At Last (Adams Brothers, #1)At Last by Mindy McKinley
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This is the tale of Lula Stanley and Dominic Adams, they are both teachers at East High School, however, this is where the similarities end, Dominic is known for his reputation with the ladies and his looks and charm are always turned on, but Lula is the odd one out with her mismatched style, big fluffy jumpers and eccentric choice in glasses, but all that changes with a chance encounter at a jazz club. Dominic has been encouraged to go out on a school night with his brother and as he is a jazz musician, they undoubtedly have to go to a jazz club, Dominic is more than a little reluctant with his current workload, but doesn’t want to pass up a chance to see some beautiful women singing. Lula is there with her best friend, coincidentally, also a teacher at the school and she is about to take centre stage in a slinky black satin dress and bright red lip, she croons her way through the performance and turns into a seductress all the while, Dominic doesn’t realise what has hit him until the announcer says her name at the end.

This starts off a chain of events for the two of them, he can’t believe that that the performer and the teacher are the same person, but as soon as he does, he cannot take his mind of her and she cannot believe that she is getting that kind of attention from him, just plain old boring Lula and the craziest part is that he is reciprocating it, especially after him seeing her land on her butt after slipping on the ice earlier that week! As Dominic decides that fate isn’t moving quick enough, he finds more ways to be around Lula and to explore their connection, including signing up to help her out at an after school club she runs, while all the time working on a personal project as well. Lula is also running a tight ship between visiting her Nan and then a shocking piece of information about her never present father leads her on a research binge of her own.

As the two become closer because of events in both of their families which are beyond their control and give in to their urges and the electricity whenever they are around each other, their research projects begin to intertwine as Dominic realises that Lula’s father may have a connection to what he is working on, but it turns out that not even their budding relationship is without its ups and downs when things take turns for the worse, but will they be able to consolidate their differences and acknowledge the future they may have together, or will the ghosts from their pasts keep them apart forever? This is a romance with plenty of steam to it, but still leaves you guessing how the mysteries within will play out and it will tug at your heartstrings along the way.

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